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Seed count different in summary and tracker tabs

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Version: BitComet v1.20

Internet: 17.8Mb/s;1.75Mb/s Comcast according to speedtest.net, encryption set to always

Router: The old DI-604, port forwarded, all lights green on BitComet.

Firewall: None. The one on the router is bypassed for the port BitComet uses as well.

Triggers: I just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows 7 x86 (32-bit) Ultimate

Issue: This may be a specific issue with the tracker, but I'm really not sure. The tracker this specific torrent uses is openbittorrent.com. So, the problem is, openbittorrent says that there are 65 seeds, but at any given time, BitComet tells me that there are only 9-10. Specifically, "seeds" in the "trackers" tab indicates 65, and "seeds" in the "summary" tab says I'm connected to "9 of 10" instead of "9 of 65". I know it's probably not my internet connection or router since BitComet was working at high performance before I upgraded, but now I'm always under 100kB/s (I used to have > 1mB/s all the time).

Thanks for taking your time to read this! Attached is the screenshot for "tracker" tab, then "summary tab", then status bar, in that order.

P.S. I've read the FAQ and scoured the forums, but didn't find anything.


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The tracker tab tells you what the tracker reported as its total for the whole swarm.

The tracker usually sends you a sub-set of the peers list, not the whole thing. The summary tab deals with your situation, with how many peers your client has been able to actually connect to so far.

These numbers are mostly going to be different, but tend to converge as time passes. For the most part, this is meaningless detail that isn't helpful or diagnostic of anything that I've ever seen.

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