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Problem with listen port


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greywiz i saw the guide but still not sure as my modern the router is togather is the singtel one 2wire is not support UPNP how can i solve this problem? lol n the guide no show win7 lol only vista n XP.

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I'm sorry but your English is way off. I can't understand a single thing of what you're trying to say.

Please try and find someone who can write for you.

The only thing I understood quite well (I think) was that you saw no instructions for Windows 7 in the UPnP port mapping section. That's because the network UI part of Vista and Windows 7 is similar and therefore the guide didn't need to be bloated with additional screenshots identical with the first ones.

I've added a few separate instructions for the steps where names of menus might differ a little in Win 7.

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HI grey lol at the Add Port Mapping in NAT Router section for WIn vista n win7 i stop at step 3. For step 4 i not sure. the pic below are my antivirus type i not sure is it my anti virus blocking my block or is my 2wire 2701HGV-E modern blocking it? As i does not think there is a fire wall for the modern router.

As in ur guide say that

if the IP Address and the Default Gateway are identical then you do not use a router and you can go to the Create Firewall Rules guide.

and this 3rd party fire wall i not sure how to set ^^.





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Why do you stop at step 3?

Do you still have a yellow light?

We cannot know either, who is blocking your port; it is you who can determine that with the help of the guides we provided.

What does the Statistics pane of BitComet say?

Are your ports successfully opened on the router?

Is UPnP NAT port mapping in effect?

What result do you get if you perform step 4 of the UPnP guide? Is the BitComet port present and open on the router NAT/firewall table or not?

It is only you who can answer these questions.

As for your third party ESET firewall, if you use it you're supposed to know how to configure it. I know that it sounds harsh, but unfortunately we can't provide yet guides for every firewall out there due to the great number of such applications.

You'll have to use the application's help documentation/forums or uninstall/disable it (at least the firewall module), if you feel uncomfortable learning how to configure it. For novice users, Windows Firewall will do just fine, and BitComet can configure it automatically for you.

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regard the step for setting port mapping i stop at step 3 because for step4 the part for advance setting for the router/modern i does not know how to set? as In my 1st pic i post does not have advance setting. the static show in my 2nd pic.



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I'm sorry but your English is very poor and I really can't understand what you're trying to say.

Furthermore, I think that you don't understand the guides themselves very well, too. You should really try and find someone with better skills in English, so that a proper communication could be established.

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