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Bitcomet hijacks router

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I have a very disturbing problem with bitcomet generating traffic after it is shut down........generates billions of incoming/outgoing packets...what is worse is that it continues even after a system shutdown/restart. The only way to stop it is to reboot my router. I am using Bc 1.17 on windows xp pro. My router is a dlink wbr 1310. All network traffic is on the bc listening port 19858. What's up with that.

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Why are you so disturbed? The traffic isn't going anywhere and it isn't harming anything. What's got you so upset?

Bittorrent-related traffic doesn't just stop when your client does. It takes time, and a lot of it, for the word to spread to all peers that you're no longer part of the swarm. This is entirely normal and has been explained very often before -- not that it isn't completely self-evident from the nature of things. The idea that software is or can "hijack" a router demonstrates that you don't understand what a router is or does. The process of rebooting it gets its lease on its ip address released and reassigned. The traffic to that old address is still going on, it didn't just stop. You just moved to where you aren't receiving it anymore.

If the concept bothers you so much, you probably shouldn't be participating in peer-to-peer.

Mostly what's up is that you overlooked something obvious and are panicking over nothing. Traffic headed for a destination that's no longer there eventually dies when its time-to-live expires.

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