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Problem with BitComet (Crashed)


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At once I want will apologize for bad English. But about my problem!

My system: Windows XP Service pack 3 32 bit. Firewall standart is switched off, Antivirus Avira Free Edition. Bitcomet client version 1.19.

About my connection type:

I have The cable Internet, with modem Motorola SB5101i with this speed


Next all ports opened.

Next: about proplem.

When I direct cursor on wTorrent icon on Bitcomet client I have a crash all the bitcomet client, you can see on this image


From for what there can be such crash

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Most important things first: turn your firewall back on. Then, disinfect your system thoroughly, with an antivirus application, Spybot S&D, AdAware, DrWeb CureIt, and a rootkit detector, because you are probably zombied.

Most of the spam email that you get comes from people like you who turned off their firewalls. That happens faster than most people even believe, and is stealthed to try to keep the owner from ever finding out. Their computers have been taken over without their knowledge, and their bandwidth is being used to send advertisements and to perform distributed attacks. With your system security compromised like this, you cannot trust anything it does, or know what is being done to your internet connection. The infection may or may not be related to the crash, there's no way to tell.

Then never, ever connect to the internet without a working firewall. Having unsafe sex is statistically less risky.

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Is BitComet client always crash, when you direct cursor on wTorrent icon?

Yes always when cursor on button, and it not only at me this crash happens, at all of my friends which use BitComet, and with more younger version same problem was. About firewall: yes I understand risk of switched off firewall and open ports, Earlier I have a firewall+anti virus Eset Nod32 Internet Security, and at that time I have the same problems with crashed bitComet on this button, I didn't have other problem except that on this button. This bug very very long time. To me actually it button also it is unnecessary, but if this not only my problem (As I also think) but Problem in the client, this bugs should be fixed.

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Please download beta version from:http://www.bitcomet....wnload-beta.htm.

Install the beta version in another new directory. If BitComet is crash,please give me "crash.zip" that is under the install directory.

My email: (elided - mod)

Thank you very much.

Same problem on Beta


I have а question. I didn't find file crash.zip on installed directory BitComet Beta, may be CrashReport or something else. In my installed directory only that files:


Answer me please which file I must to sent.

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Crash didn't occur, so crash.zip doesn't exist in your installed directory.

Can you please reproduce the problem in English interface? Because I cannot understand what happened in the first image. Thank you

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I think I am understand why BitComet Crashed. In English language all is ok where you can see of my screen on 1.20 and on Beta too



When I am switch to Russian language I have this bug with this crash, and in all other language is ok. But a didn't checked all language in list but majority from them is ok and work good. May be Russian development team do something wrong with translate and didn't fix this bug. Thank you for you help and may be we should report them of this bug?

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