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KAD is firewalled and torrent download is slower than ever

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hello pls i need help.i am trying to download a game xxxx xxxxxxx xxxx.although it has low seed but i am downloading a 7.04gig file at approximately 4kb/s.this will take weeks to download.i checked my emule plugins and it said my KAD is firewalled and my udp status is unverified then it changes to firewalled.i cant port foward cos i am using a sierra wireless aircard.my eD2k is also not connecting.pls what can i do.i ve tried everything even vpn services but i cant seem to increase download speed.HELP

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Most wireless connections are firewalled and you don't control the firewall. In this case, only your client can make connections with others. Nobody can start a connection with you. Since there are a lot more of them than there are of you, this means you won't get many of those connections, and the odds are that those would have been the fastest ones.

There's very little you can do short of changing your network connection. This is a huge disadvantage of most wireless connections, that they only allow one-way connections like this. It's like a phone line that you can only call out on. Nobody can call you. You will just have to live with the slow speeds on this connection.

So when you are offered any sort of wireless connection, be aware that it's probably only half a connection and act accordingly. vote against it, demand that it come for half-price or be completely discounted since you will need to replace it with a wired connection to get much done. If your city government is trying to put one in, beware of this and vote against it. If the office or apartment or dorm you're leasing offers wireless connection, beware of this and demand the same rent as you'd get if there were no connection at all, because you'll need to get and pay for your own service.

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