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Torrent sites list doesn't work anymore


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I'm using Bitcomet client version 1.20

Speed Cable BB


Im using bitcomet quit frequently but all of the sudden all the torrent sites inside the torrent sites window doesn't work anymore, i'll get the following error:


Anybody here had the same problem & if yes how did he/she fixed it.

I've tried uninstalling bitcomet client, reinstalling it , same problem

uninstalling, pc reboot ,reg key removed, reinstalled client ---> same problem

however if i instal the client on my wife's pc en login with my username it seems to work:s while my pc is 100 % spyware/virusproof free.

Help appreciated

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The list of torrent sites is dependent on a server. Indeed, this list is a small web page, and if something goes wrong, it has the same kinds of problems and the same kinds of errors. This is what you're seeing. It will probably be fixed very soon.

Many people don't use this at all, since they prefer to use their normal web browser and bookmark their favorite sites, rather than rely on an external list. In the VIEW menu, I uncheck the "Favorites" window and don't use it at all. It unclutters the display, I think, and since i use FireFox for all my torrent finding anyway, I don't miss it.

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Hi Ive been having the same problem. cant seem to get anyone to help out. Did everything I could think of, but torrent sites come up as, Blank,or Page not found, or Does not exist...

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