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pixelation problems

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Sup anyone who may see,!!!I have a Gateway Dx4300 It comes with quite a bit of capabilities. Also my OS is windows Vista home premium edition64bit and ATI Radeon grafix which is alright, no complaints here.And I most absolutely do take advantages of my HDMI capabilities,Recently however for about 3 weeks to a month I have been having pixelation issues when I use the MPCstar to view my anime and movies. very very discernable when viewing anime or cartoons. this has never been a problem in the past as a matter of fact I actually began using this player mainly because of it's wiiide range of file viewing options and it's excellent video quality I have really not found many players to match it. But, it does get annoying when your trying to watch say a fave anime show I downloaded and what not. Unfortunately I have been having to use my AVS player to watch anime or anything else for that matter but, that one still sucks in my opinion. So if anyone can help or may know of something I can do. I haven't really updated anything just system security stuff for my OS systems but nothing more.Here are some Pic's of the problems I have been having one is a normal snapshot but that was hard to get. SO PLEASE PLEASE,if anyone can help very many thanx later! :unsure: :blink: :huh: post-57400-12741294374422.jpg




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well here i am again sorry to any whom was like this person is DUMB!!!!! but in truth I'm not. Everything was right as rain however I believe the issues I was having was in it's general path or address in my computer and well I found that after COMPLETELY uninstalling all files to the program that's in both your OS hard drive and your basic easy to get to downloads,documents and yatta yatta. make sure there is no trace of the program anywhere. Then, reinstall at the main site for the player and all is well. so thanks 4 the patience and views but no help I hope this will help anyone else in the future. Later Gators.

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we're not viewer specialists here. Some of us have some acquaintance with some of the issues, but in terms of providing full-fledged support for MPCStar, sorry but we're not equipped to do it.

We can guess, but we're doing it on a level that you can do yourself. This looks like a filter conflict problem to me, and you resolve those by getting rid of all of your filters, wherever they may hide, and ... but you already guessed this and did this yourself.

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i actualy got this problem recently but not like i see here, when i changed my OS from XP too Windows 7 64bit , when i was on the xp 32 bit all work great no pixel like the picture u see here in full screen its got pixel and when is not , its normal , but when the video its under 1280x720p its make thos pixel , and when its 1280x720p its dosent make ! in full screen but on normal screen its make ! even whit the 1080p its make full screen and not !, i tink that problem its from the bit 64bit 86bit etc... but the weard its why its dosent make thos pixel on the 720p on full screen and its make on normal !? hop the staff can find why , tnx for help and sorry for my bad english

normal Screen


Full Screen


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and for the problem of : ZizaStargazer

i tink thos video of Soul eater dosent got coded good , u got that problem on all your video ? or only thos one ? if all video , try to download an HD one and see if you got the same problem , if dosent u installed some codec its get unflued whit the mpc one , but thos thing i got the already its was the video its not encoded nicely or cuted didint done of download... hope that help .0

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