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MPCTAR v4.5  

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  1. 1. Have you encountered any bugs?

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    • No, seems like this might be a stable version so far.

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This new version of MPCSTAR v4.5 includes:

[PLAYER] support play video file from HTTP URL

[PLAYER] support .hlv video file

[PLAYER] improve Option dialog layout

[PLAYER] download installation package of new version in background automatically if enabled

[PLAYER] fix bug: crash when entering Compact Mode

[codeC] remove SCM codec from install package

I been using it for days now and i haven't encountered any problems. I greatly appreciate the effort put into MPCSTAR and am glad to see MPCSTAR with a version that is 99.9% stable so far. But only time will tell to see if v4.5 has any bugs i am not aware of.

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I was using MPCStar v4.4, and I got something on my task bar showing ""Downloading MPCSTAR v4.5: Failed". I have not been able to get rid of that. I cannot click on it or anything (it just sits there taking up space...). Just now, I have gone to the main page and downloaded/installed v4.5 (haven't used it yet, but will soon).

Nowhere have I been able to find anything like support or help or anything to assist me in getting rid of that annoying little icon on my task bar. Please, can anyone tell me how to get rid of it? I don't want to get rid of MPSCtar, but just that annoying "Download.... Failure" thing.

Any help?

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There is a freeware program from sysinternals.com which was started by a Microsoft hotshot. He has multiple really useful programs, but download and install one called Process Explorer.

It's a much more powerful version of Task Manager. You can use it to investigate and kill a stuck process like the one you describe -- which may or may not be from MPCStar, it may be from your browser.

Identifying a halted task and killing it with Process Explorer will usually take it off your taskbar.

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Yes, the problem is still there.

And I would rather not start downloading a bazillion programs to delete the stuck process. All that does is slow the system down even more (I've deleted quite a few Microsoft "fixes" over the years), and never do solve the problem. Most Microsoft products and "solutions" only cover the problem up.

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ok, i found a way to make the picture show when playing a file. but the problem is that i have to run it as admin which is not i use to do when i use mpc star. is there a way to make it show the picture without running it as admin?

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Sounds like you may have installed some filters as Admin, so can't access them as an ordinary user.

MPCStar will tell you the chain of filters it's using for each video. You'll need to note these down while running as admin, then look again while running normally. The ones that are different are the ones you should check the permissions on and set them to allowed for your normal account.

Otherwise, if you installed a codec pack, you could try uninstalling it completely, then reinstall it as a normal user.

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