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Some websites don't work on CometBird

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Hi, my name is Ahmed Al-Adawy

1)My CometBird version is 3.6.3

2)I have an ADSL Internet connection

3)I have a router. It is a D-link DSL-2640T wireless router. I don't know actually what "Have you forwarded your port?" means, but I did nothing.

4)I have only one router. I have two PCs (wired connection) and a laptop (wireless), all of them are connected to the router.

5)I am using Windows XP, AVG Antivirus and Firewall.

The problem is that a website redirects to another one on CometBird, while normally opening with Firefox.

Here is the example:


directs to


Can you tell me what the problem is?

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A browser cannot redirect itself.

All browsers respond to the (server-asked) question, "what are you, and which version are you?"

A server can and does redirect based on that information. If the programming logic isn't, then problems like this can occur, but the issue is with the web server, and not with the client.

It's a chain of logic that says:

If you're MS Internet Explorer, go HERE

If you're Firefox, go HERE

If you're Opera, go HERE

If you're not any of those, then you (MUST, THEREFORE), be a mobile phone browser, so go HERE.

The site will make the same error in logic with any browser that it doesn't recognize -- that doesn't previously step out of the logical chain. Some browsers report themselves as something they are not, to get around this.

TO be fair, if the response is unanticipated, the site has to default to SOMEthing, and the mobile version is the "lowest common denominator", the version that's supposed to be viewable and readable on any sort of browser at all, with minimal scripts and minimal graphics.

What you should do is write to the web site administrators, and get them to change the code to recognize CometBird and treat it like Firefox. This should be a minimal change for them, and not require any other changes.

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