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My Two Cents Worth About Version 1.22

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I downloaded and installed version 1.22 yesterday. After trying a host of different torrents I wasn't able to squeeze more than 380 kB/s- and that only lasted for about 15 mins PLUS that was after a LOT of tweaking- hours and hours online reading people's optimal settings etc. I have a 3 meg line and have consistently had over 500 before. So after 14 hours of fiddling I have gone back to the old faithful- version 1.20. WEll. It faelt like home again- even the interface was welcoming! I did the test with the exact same torrent and BOOM! 500 kB/s within seconds. The other difference is that the torrent speed doesn't fluctuate so drastically in version 1.20- in 1.22 it would hit 300 then drop to 34.

Anyway- sometimes the older stuff is better- maybe it's me who is getting old :)


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Hi! charl1972,

After hearing what you say about v1.22. Now I have a

doubt, maybe I'll follow you in revert to older version.

What is the use of using newer version when you

have teething problems.

Thank you very much for your tip.:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

Oh! By the way I am 63 and I am happy.

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Just my two cents' worth on the first post:

1. For a 3Mbit connection the maximum download speed is 3 Mbit = 3000 Kb / 213 = 366 KB (KB = kilobytes, which is the unit BitComet and most the others BitTorrent clients use as opposed to Kb - kilobits - which is the unit which ISPs use to advertise speeds). I don't know if BitComet v.1.20 may have been buggy about displaying download speeds on some particular configurations, but it's unrealistic to believe that you get 500kB/s if you have a 3Mbit connection, unless you're somehow (knowingly or unknowingly) hacking your ISP's limiting measures.

It's pretty much like saying that you have a car which can attain a max 180km/h but because you changed the rims and paint color, it's now running at 240km/h. But hey... whatever works for making you feel better.

2. The GUI differences between the 2 versions are unnoticeable (they're present mostly in the advanced options of the client) and are nowhere to be seen in the main interface. Anybody can check the release notes and read all the modifications which were made on the interface. So, again, I can't see what was familiar about the v.1.20 as opposed to the v.1.22, except a highly subjective psychological feeling.

Furthermore, I can't really understand why it would take 14 hours to configure the client, since the last 2 versions don't operate any changes upon the connection configuration interface and therefore, they don't really change anything about that. If your client was previously well configured, it would have remained the same way, with no need to further tweak that. I've been upgrading BitComet through every beta and stable release, in the past 2 years, as soon as they came out, and never experienced an upgrade which would modify any of my connection-related settings (in fact no settings were ever modified, for that matter).

I don't argue that you may have had a different experience with v.1.22 but based on the little "evidence" provided, there are hardly any grounds to draw an informed conclusion to support the FUD you posted.

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