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I have downloaded an .ISO file - (XXXX XXX XXXXX). Purchased NERO 10 PRO and burned image to a dvd. Installed the software on hard drive. Ok so far!

Run game, but on the start menu where I want to play, it keeps asking me for the original CD to insert? Ovbviously I dont have an original CD as its downloaded.

This has happened before with another game. What am I doing wrong here? Im so near but yet so far!!


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Well, as stated in the Forum Rules:

"Discussions relating to the practice of software piracy (including where to get warez), computer hacking, cracking, phreaking and anything generally illegal or immoral are forbidden."

Since your download seems to be warez we can't really help you, because this would mean that the BitComet staff endorses software piracy and it obviously cannot do that.

Please don't ask this type of stuff here again.

What you do with your BitTorrent client in private is your business and your own only.

Once the torrents are downloaded, BitComet's job is done and it's up to you what you will do with that content further. BitComet is a mere downloading tool, and that's what we try to provide support for, here.

If you really are interested in cracking/hacking, the Internet is full of info. If you couldn't find that info on your own so far, obviously you're not prepared to go into that jungle... so it won't be us to push you in. ;)

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