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Regarding Long Term Seeding

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Hi, I have some questions with regards to Bitcomet's Long term seeding function.

Have been using Bitcomet 1.21 for quite a while with long term seeding enabled in options, without any restrictions on the long term seeding upload rates.

From the Wiki, it says this means my 100% completed downloads will keep seeding even when there is no active regular seedings.

Consider if I have accumulated tons of 100% completed files on the tasklist, will Long term seeding actually "seed" all of them, resulting in much slower downloading rate for other running (incomplete) tasks? Do I actually need to impose restriction on the Long term seeding upload rates?

By the way thanks to eagle and greywizard, I have followed your advice relating to opening listening port, restrictions on max global uploading rate (80%), and to restrict not more than 3 simultaneous running tasks. Appreciate that!


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By the descriptions we have from the dev team, LT-Seeding works (when set to Auto mode) by dynamically using the unused upload bandwidth of your client.

That is, when there are normal BitTorrent connections in place and they require upload bandwidth LT-Seeding automatically throttles down, to virtually nothing, to give way to normal BitTorrent traffic.

Even if you set it to some fixed value on the Options page, it won't keep that bandwidth locked but dynamically release it to normal BitTorrent connections.

The precedence (in decreasing order) is this:

  1. Upload BitTorrent traffic for downloading torrents;
  2. Upload BitTorrent traffic for seeding torrents;
  3. Upload LT-Seeding traffic for stopped or seeding torrents.

Therefore, BT upload traffic for actively downloading tasks should always take precedence over any other type of upload.

If you see high LT-Seeding upload rates while downloading something, it may be because a part (or all) of your upload bandwidth is not required by the swarm at that time (e.g. you don't have pieces your peers seek at that moment or your peers are mostly seeds).

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....which means I do not have to be concerned about LT-seeding taking away too much bandwidth that I need for running (downloads/uploads) tasks, as well as normal seeding (upload) tasks, right? So I also assume I simply leave the "Auto" function in the LT-seeding option intact.

Thanks again.


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