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.bc! import unfinished downloads problem


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I have a problem to import unfinished downloads like files and maps in bitcomet, the files are *.bc! marked extensional. i use bitcomet 1.21 winxp/2000/vista but i use windows7 with ie, firefox, cometbird, opera, chrome, ie64 on a LAN (telenet turbonet) with dhcp-router. I use Menu/file/import unfinished download... and still, yes i get the browser done from chosing file or map to import, file no recognized, or no files found!!!!!HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!THAAAAAAAAAAAAAANXsssss~~~~~~~[/left]

ps: artist 'Moon Over The Sun' - Youtube

eed the creedz...


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bitcomet files being downloaded have an option to change the extension so as to make it easier to identify which files have not yet finished downloading if you look at your options preferences whatever you will find the option in question it simply tacks the extension !bc onto the file which makes it a simple matter to sort at least in windows no other change is made to the file other torrent clients such as µtorrent also have this option but that client changes the extension to ut! the clients remove the new extension when the download is complete leaving the original extension all you have to do when you import the files is to remove the added extension yourself it does not matter which order you do this in or on which system you actually change the name you may want to leave the file on the PC just in case you need it later you can if you wish simply disable this option in either client which will simply stop renaming files and I believe but am not certain will also remove the extra extensions from any downloads in progress you should double check that first though and probably learn to punctuate at least occasionally perhaps a paragraph here and there would be nice too

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