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Tasklist Removed

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Hi there

I have problem here after a short electricity fall when my computer start again then it shows me a popup window that my tasklist is removed and i can import or upload from .bak file. I try to find it from installed directory it wasnt there. so pls help me out. i have almost 200 file links in my task list.

i m using BitComet 1.22

with Windows 7

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Dear greywizard

i m asking u simple question and u gave me link which is not belong to my problem after the reading all literature i found its worthless it hasn't solution for windows7 & BitComet 1.22........ while i mentioned.

so anybody concern ?

"seeking for simple answer"


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All you need to be more supportive those helpless ppl who join the forum for reason.

If you can't/won't work with that then you should just think. Is "Support Team" tag suit u ?

it's could be your choice.

"If i was on urs job then i will never argue with the helpless ppl"

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Hi lafunter, I know you came here for help, is because you trust the support team, so please do what they suggested. They may not be that professional, but I'm sure they know more than help seekers. When people help you, they don't always hold your hands and guide you step by step, sometimes they show you the way and you need to get there by yourself.

You were asking about the disappeared tasks, and that topic in BitComet wiki was "Tasks have disappeared/deleted tasks reappeared in my tasklist after a BitComet restart. How can I fix this?". The relevance between these two topics is pretty obvious. There is no such specified solution for BitComet 1.22 and Windows 7, but if you read it carefully, you will see something like "under Windows Vista or later version" and "starting with v.1.18 BitComet"...

If you're looking for some step-by-step guide to solve your problem in this forum, the guide will be exactly the same as what says in the wiki. The only way for us to be more supportive is to copy and paste that paragraph from the wiki.

I didn't see wizard arguing with you, I only saw him offering the help and you were blaming him for the "worthless" answer, which was not worthless at all. And I can hardly call you a helpless person, since you have received the answer but you refused to read and follow it.

None of the staff here attended a course named "Bachelor of BitComet", they are all just experienced users who are contributing their own time to help other users, even they have the title of "support team member", they are still as same as we other users. I never see their contribution as their jobs or duties, but as their kindness and willingness to help.

I didn't try to argue with you or anything, but please respect our staff member here.

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