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develop Linux version


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Hi lolojack, the team doesn't have any current plan to development the Linux version. Thank you for your concern.

P.S. This post fits better in the BitComet Feature Requests section, so next time please post in a more proper section. B)

*Topic moved*

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lolojack, this is getting close to a frequently-asked question.

BitComet is developed under Virtual C++ for Windows. Porting over to *nix is very far from simple or easy. If you haven't personally tried to do this you won't appreciate how difficult it really is. Even in Java, a language developed for portability, actually porting an applet from Windows to any flavor of Unix is fraught with trouble. (Don't listen to anyone who hasn't actually done it themself).

For example, just getting Internet Explorer to work under *nix has proven to be beyond anyone's capabilities, and people have been trying for well over a decade. It's badly needed for testing, since unix developers hate Windows and won't test things under IE, so they don't catch immediately obvious problems that only show up under IE (which is what the majority of web site customers use), which makes life much harder for QA.

The two versions will necessarily be quite different in implementation, so you are actually talking about two separate development trees - twice the tracking, twice the management, twice the testing, and inevitably a proposed feature will prove simple to implement under one OS and extremely difficult under the other, so what do you do then? Hold back development on the first so the second can catch up, or allow the trees to diverge? If the latter, then you'll be forever stumbling over the differences.

A unix version of BitComet just isn't in the cards. Really, not ever.

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