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Port De ascultare BLOCAT

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Salut, am vazut k moolti mai au aceasta problema, insa eu nu am gasit rezolvarea deoarece e pootin mai greu fiindca am Windows 7, deci, portul de ascultare e blocat.



Hi, I see that many have this problem, but I can't find the solution as it's a little more difficult for me because I have Windows 7, so, my listen port is blocked.

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Nici sa nu te astepti la o mai mare latime de banda de la Clicknet. "Putin, scump si prost" era un graffiti pe un banner de-al lor....

Trebuie ca mai intai sa-ti setezi pc-ul sa aiba o adresa IP statica. Norocul tau e ca cei de la portforward au facut o aplicatie care face asta in mod automat. O gasesti aici (trebuie sa pornesti programul de instalare ca administrator)

Dupa ce-l instalezi, il pornesti, apesi pe butonul "Make it static" apoi pe butonul "Apply" si astepti pana termina. Sa tii minte ce scrie la IP Address.

Apoi trebuie sa faci o regula in routerul/modemul tau (pentru ca nu stie unde sa conduca conexiunile externe). Pentru a face asta trebuie sa deschizi navigatorul tau (mozilla sau internet explorer ,opera, etc..) si scrii in bara de adrese. Scrii admin la user name si password.

Apesi pe Advanced, apoi pe Virtual Server in stanga.

Status ---------- (+) Enabled ( ) Disabled

Name ----------- BitComet

Private IP ------ Scrii adresa IP pe care ti-am zis sa o tii minte mai sus. (192.168.1.***)

Protocol type - Both

Private port---- 65535 (sau oricare alt numar dar va trebui sa-l scrii si-n setarile BitComet)

Public port----- 65535 (acelasi ca deasupra)

Schedule ------ (+) Always (sau o programezi sa fie activa doar cand ai nevoie ca acel port sa fie deschis)

Apasa butonul "Apply"

Don't even expect a larger bandwidth from Clicknet. I saw a graffiti on an ad banner of theirs saying "Small, expensive and lame1"

You first have to set your pc to have a static IP address. Fortunately for you, the people at Port Forward made an application that does this automatically. You can find it here(you have to run the installer as an Administrator).

After installing it, run it and click on the "Make it static" button, then on the "Apply" button and wait for it to finish. Memorize what it says in the "IP Address" case.

Now you have to make a rule in your router/modem (it doesn't know where to lead those incoming connections you need)

To do this, open your browser (Mozilla, Internet Explore, Opera,etc) and write in the address bar. Write "admin" at the User Name and Password.

Click on Advanced ,then on Virtual Server to the left.

Status ---------- (+) Enabled ( ) Disabled

Name ----------- BitComet

Private IP -------Write the IP address I told you to memorize (192.168.1.***).

Protocol type - Both

Private port---- 65535 (or any other number but you'll have to write it in the bitcomet settings too)

Public port----- 65535 (the same as above)

Schedule ------ (+) Always (or you can set it to be active only when you want that port to be open)

Click on the "Apply" button.

1It can't be translated better than that,,,,

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Ok, pana la Advanced Virtual Server



LE:Am rezolvat era la Basic. Iti multumesc din suflet ak merge moolt mai repede, Download 300k/s, Upload maxim 170k/s.

Esti cel mai tare!!!

OK, until Advanced Virtual Server

LE: I solved it, it was at Basic. Thank you, now it works a lot faster, Download 300k/s, maximum upload 170k/s.

You are the best!!!

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