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Stopped: Access Denied

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Hello everybody,

I've been having a problem downloading certain Torrents. This started happening after I added another internal hard drive to my desktop (my external hard drive directory got changed from E:/ to F:/, so I switched it back to E). Now only certain files won't download (it will have a red X next to the torrent, saying "stopped: access denied"). I've restarted and reinstalled Bitcomet multiple times, made sure to set the default directory to E, even upgraded to v1.23. Still nothing.

1.Bitcomet 1.23 (just upgraded from 1.22)

2.Verizon DSL

3.Modem/Router combo (Actiontec GT704WGB)

4.only the one router, my desktop is hardwired by Ethernet

5.Windows 7 Ultimate, Avira Anti-virus, Basic Windows Firewall (?)

6.I've attached a screenshot of the torrents in question...

Any help would be really appreciated


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Oh wow. Running Bitcomet as Administrator worked, it never occurred to me to try that since other files would download just fine. I had more than enough storage space and i had no problem opening the directory from within Bitcomet. Thank you so very kindly. :D

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Go to the "Computer" folder and right click the "F:\" drive. Select Proprieties. Select the "Security" tab. Select your user name or "Everyone" from the "Group or user names" list then click the "Edit" button. Give full control to everyone or just your account (depending on what you chose previously).

Exit BitComet and start it again without elevated privileges and see if your problem goes away.

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You're welcome. Now, if you're wondering why you had to do all this, it's because microsoft thinks that any piece of hardware put in a pc surely is, must be, has to be, the administrator's property. So it forbids other users to modify anything about it. All this is called UAC and it was causing your first problem.

My best guess about the second error is that Firefox was run as a normal user and was trying to access a program run as the administrator so it was forbidden to..

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