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HI all! am new to posting on this forum but i'v browsed a lot and cant find any solution to my problem.

I recently got a green packet ex250 cpe modem and i have logged in but cant find where to start mapping my ports from as the feature seems not to be available also on green packets website they say that the modem has all these features and that undp is on a virtual server.

Does anyone know about this type of modem and how to configure it am also getting reduced speeds from 300kb/s down to 70kb/s and even less with bitcomet please help!!! help!!!

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The new members forum is for introducing yourself. Problems and questions belong in the general discussion forum. Post moved. Please take care to post messages in the proper forum.

When asking for technical support, there's a list of requested information which is in the "PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING" sticky topic. In future, please be sure to furnish that information.

Your modem is a cellular, wireless modem. That means that it's almost certainly behind a firewalled wireless router which you cannot control. You will not be able to open a listen port on that router, so must use "no listen port" mode. This means your connection will not ever be as fast as it might be, but there's nothing that you can do about it on this type of connection.

This is one of the big disadvantages of nearly every type of wireless connection.

For exactly the same reason, you cannot run a public server such as a web server, on your connection. No unsolicited incoming traffic is allowed through the firewall, so nobody but people already on your side of the firewall already, could ever connect to you.

When choosing an internet connection, you should keep this fact in mind.

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