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How to remove the Adobe Acrobat plugin from CB?

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As you may remember I have installed the Foxit Reader plugin into CometBird and it works sweet. Ive got still installed Adobe Reader. Because of this, the Adobe Acrobat plugin is still displayed in the CB plugins list. I disabled it because Foxit Reader is my default PDF reader program now. However, every time I check whether I have outdated plugins here http://www.mozilla.c...US/plugincheck/ it says my installed Adobe Acrobat plugin is outdated. Thats true - Since I use Foxit Reader only, I don't update Adobe Reader any more.

Thats annoying. Is there any way to uninstall completely that plugin?

Thank you.

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You will probably want to identify and kill it by hand then. This is fun.

In your %appdata% directory, cruise to cometnetwork/cometbird/profiles/(yourstrangeprofilenumber)/extensions

See all the pretty folders with extensions in them and carefully unhelpful folder names? Open the first folder.

Have a shortcut to Notepad on the desktop.

Look for a file named chrome.manifest.

Drag and drop it onto notepad.

See which extension this folder is all about.

If this isn't the right one, close notepad.

Select the next folder

Repeat till Acrobat

When you've found the right folder, delete it.

You did, of course, shut down Cometbird before you started messing with its guts, didn't you? So start it up now and verify that Acrobat's gone from the list of plugins.

If you deleted the wrong thing, forget where you read this.

You've heard of delicate, precise surgical strikes? This ain't.

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Hi guys

I was about to try the kluelos method but since I already know a little bit how to use the about:config setting page, I decided to try the KNTROs method first because it actually seemed easier. "As usual", it worked it out! :) the Adobe Reader plugin is gone for good!

Oh, we dont either use Internet Explorer here at work. Thence, theres nothing to be worried about. We only use Firefox and Cometbird (I only use CB at homes desktop).

Thank you both you guys once again. I dont know what Id do without Cometforums... :rolleyes:


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