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Randomise port from list


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Could you please implement a random port selection list tied to the use random port option?

Perhaps a [Port Range] button becomes enabled when the Randomize port each start option is enabled.

clicking the button opens a text field with a list of port numbers / ranges.

By Default, the list would start with the entire range (2000-65565 or whatever you currently have)

But a user could edit it to something like the following...








Simply allowing the user to limit the number of ports being forwarded to their pc through hardware and/or firewalls that can't be updated automatically by BitComet.

Reason behind this on a personal note is my ISP appears to have started blocking some ports if they consider "excessive traffic" is sent across it over a period. Currently my only option is to reprogram my software firewall and bitcomet on a new port (Hardware router is UPnP thankfully). ISP says they aren't doing anything, but I'll be "green" for 3 or 4 days, then it mysteriously changes to "Yellow" or "Grey" until I reprogram a new port number.

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This is almost certainly a symptom of your failure to set a static IP address between your computer and your router. You randomly happen to get the one IP address with the opened port and the port appears open at those times. The rest of the time you get some other address where the port isn't open.

A port is simply a routing number used by the destination. No ISP would concern itself with "too much traffic on one port", because it wouldn't make the slightest difference to them. The traffic is a stream of bytes, two of which happen to be the destination port number, which is of interest only when the packet reaches its destination IP address, and only to the destination system. The whole idea of "too much traffic on a port" shows a profound misunderstanding of how TCP works.

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