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Manual Hash Check becomes Automatic!

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I don't have such problem before with previous versions of bitcomet (Before 1.23). But with this version, my torrents seems to random perform a manual hash check on its own each time i started the PC and start the torrents. Can anyone explain if this is a bug, or there is some serious problem in my harddisk? Is there a way to disable this manual hash check at all?

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You should try stepping back to 1.22 and report back if the problem goes away.

The hash check at task startup is done when BitComet has been abruptly shut down without time to flush its buffers to disk -- by a system or application crash or something similar. When this happens, BitComet doesn't know what the status of the download is any longer, so must perform the hash check in order to find out. There is, of course, no way to stop this and it certainly should not be stopped.

You are not the first to report something like this. I have not seen it myself, but I have found other problems with 1.23 and so don't use it.

You should test by shutting down 1.23 properly and restarting it to see if it hash-checks on resumption (it shouldn't). You should then test by performing an orderly system shutdown while BitComet is running, then restart and again, see if you get a hash-check on resumption. If you don't, then you should investigate your system for evidence of crashing while unattended.

Meantime, this is far from an established bug, so the topic belongs in General Discussion, not Bug Reports.

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I have the same problem,( with 1.23 no such problem with 1.22)i shut down my pc like i normaly do and at the next boot all my active downloads are hash checked, so this may be a bug.

If i close bitcomet and i run it again , no hash check but if i turn off the pc the next time i boot it again the hash check starts.

I use XP Pro Sp3.

I will definetly revert back to 1.22 i never got this problem before.


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I have noticed version 1.23 hash checking automatically sometimes. But even if it does, I don't really find that a problem. OK, so it has to perform the hash check on each task one at a time before it will re-start each one - but it only takes a few seconds for each one! So unless your time is so precious that you can't afford to waste even a couple of minutes, I can't really see the problem? :unsure:

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