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Sudden loss in download speed


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I have been using BitComet for several months now usually with download speed from 100 kb/s to upwards of 800 kb/s depending on what I am downloading. I am curretly using v 1.23 with all default settings with the exception of limiting my upload to 20 kb/s and unlimited download, and all of a sudden I am lucky if I get 100 kb/s. I have a d-link DI-524 router. I ran a speed test and got 9.56 mbps down, and 0.40 up. I have looked through the fourms and haven't really found what I am looking for. I have Rogers High Spped DSL service if that helps.

Any help would be appreciated for this non tech newbie.

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The usual reason for this is that your listen port is now being blocked by a firewall.

Typically this can happen during a reconfiguration or reinstall. A likely candidate is the router's built-in firewall. It is necessary to forward a port through the router's firewall to one particular IP address, and your computer must be configured to use that IP address.

Anything that disrupts any of this results in a blocked listen port.

Installation of software which contains a software firewall can also cause this, as can reconfiguration of existing software firewalls.

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