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tcp/ip limit bug


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i have recently reformated my laptop abd re installed xp

i also installed the new version of bitcomet 1.23 (used a older version b4)

now when i go to tcp/ip limit to change the half open connection and reboot no more internet works (explorer , cometbird , nothing)

when i run a diagnostic with explorer it says something about the winsock was changed and needs a reboot to make the proper changes to fix the problem but it doesnt and gives me the same error so i did a roleback of the system and it works but my speed r nowhere near the way ther were before

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Download the "older version" you used and set it with that, then upgrade back to 1.23

Also, you should know that that limit is only affecting how many connections can be started in one second, not how many half open connections you are allowed to have.

10(default) more will be started in the next second and so on.

It will not increase your overall speed.

The difference you see is only an illusion, you'll reach that speed anyway.

Tampering with it will only make you a more efficient worm spreader.

The default 10 is enough, plus it's a good thing. I had it set to 8 when I was on XP and I could reach my connection's maximum very often. Windows Vista sp2 and 7 (the limit was removed in vista's sp2) handle this dynamically in accordance to your usage for best performance, and altering it is a bad idea.

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