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Bitcomet will no longer connect to download

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Ok so here's the situation. I've been using Bitcomet successfully for about two weeks until a few days ago. I did two things. First I downloaded Norton Security Suite. Second, I switched my source to the internet from a cable modem at home to a usb 3g receiver I got from Virgin Mobile. Since doing these two things Bitcomet seems to not be able to connect to download. The start page displaying Bitcomet's homepage loads just fine, however my upload/download rate remains at zero although there are plenty seeds/peers. Before and after I downloaded Norton I had successfully downloaded a few albums and movies so I don't think that is the issue. At first I thought it was the firewall in Norton so I went in and manually allowed access to Bitcomet and still nothing. I suspected there might be some kind of firewall in the software on the usb receiver device, however I cant seem to find anything determining so. I don't know a whole lot about all this stuff so any help/advice would be much obliged. Again the basics: Bitcomet seems to connect to the net but not seeds/peers, download/upload rate is at absolute zero, recently downloaded Norton, and I am using a Virgin Mobile USB receiver to connect to the net through 3g. Thanks in advance for your response and if there is any more info you need I'll be happy to provide it.

OP Sys - Windows 7

Bitcomet version - 1.23

Norton Security Suite Version -

3G Virgin Mobile USB Device - Ovation MC760 by Novatel Wireless

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You are now behind a firewall, which will greatly slow your download. Just about every kind of wireless connection will place you behind a firewall you don't control, which means you'll simply have to live with the slow speed. This is because nobody else can start a connection to you now. The only connections you can make are the ones your client originates. The firewall in question isn't in the USB device, it's in the transciever that communicates with the device. This is the great disadvantage of wireless connections. If you ever want to run any kind of server for any reason, this same issue will prevent that.

Norton security suite also contains a firewall. You must configure that firewall to allow BitComet access. Norton has a long history of not playing well with bittorrent and is discommended for that reason. Other, freeware products will do what Norton does with less incompatibility and, of course, less cost. I advise against any 3rd party firewalls. The one that comes with Windows is perfectly adequate, and can be automatically configured by BitComet. All of the others have issues.

Torrenting is possible, it's simply going to be slow.

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