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Two Torrents are "dead"


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How to put this?

Imagine that you rented a videotape from, say, Blockbuster. Now, whoever rented the tape before you did not rewind it, which annoyed you, and you also really didn't like the movie, which also annoyed you.

You go into Whole Foods grocery store, and while there, notice that Whole Foods sells blank VHS videotapes, let's say on aisle 9. So you take it into your head to buttonhole a Whole Foods grocery clerk and lay into him with your list of complaints about the video you rented from Blockbuster, and insist that he tell you how to avoid those problems.

Well, people would probably think you were on drugs or should be placed in an institution where you could be kept from doing harm to yourself.

But this is essentially what you've done here.

The grocery clerk on aisle 9 just isn't able to solve your problems vis-a-vis Blockbuster. It's my hope that you understand why that is, without needing a lot of additional information from me.

Nor can you find help, here, for those torrents, for the same reasons -- assuming of course, that the forum rules didn't forbid discussion of the subject altogether, which, of course, they do.

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