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Somebody help me!!!!

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My DHT is connected, my listen port is open, I have green lights all over the place and I'm still downloading at 1KBp/s? What am I missing?? Any ideas?

My router is a Thomson 585 v7, I am on windows 7 using windows firewall and avast antivirus, and I'm trying to run BitComet 1.23 with a wireless internet connection.

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You can't assure fast downloads. You can only make sure you haven't done anything to slow them down.

You haven't provided enough information, so I can only guess at your situation.

Everything you download, somebody just like you must upload to you. That's how p2p works. If you download something that there's little interest in, or an old torrent from which most seeders have dropped, then your download is going to be very slow or even stopped.

Many trackers try to prune dead or dropped, unseeded torrents. Some are less efficient about that than others.

Look at the "Health" column for the task. It shows you how many aggregate copies of the whole torrent exist among the whole swarm. If the health is below 100% or 1.0, it means that this torrent will never complete unless something changes. All of the peers will share all of their pieces with each other, and they'll all only have 75% (or whatever the health indicates) of the torrent. The missing pieces just aren't there, and won't be unless a peer who has them (like, a seeder) joins the swarm. If you can determine where the original torrent came from, you can sometimes go to that tracker and request a reseed. That sometimes works.

Uploading is not optional. Each peer tries to connect to the fastest and most reliable others that it can. You must make yourself attractive, by being fast and reliable with your uploads. If, for any reason, you are not, then the best peers will not trade with you. You'll be left with only those who are on your own level. This frequently happens when people try to run too many tasks at once, starving each individual task for bandwidth. Other peers don't see your overall situation, they see only the single task they're connected to you with, and your performance on that task.

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