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Bitcomet upgrade from 0.7 to 1.23

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I just tried to upgrade bitcomet from 0.7 to 1.23 at the same folder and then I found that the BT download list is completely empty. Why this happen? How can I upgrade to 1.23 and continue my previous BT downloads?

My OS is Windows XP Pro Service Pack 2. Please help and thanks a lot!

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You really should upgrade to SP3.

Prior versions of BitComet stored their data in the Program tree. That was always a really bad idea, it's for programs, not data. Windows is, at long last, making some attempt to protect its own operating environment, and since Vista, has really really discouraged applications from writing into that tree.

BitComet, as of version 1.17, optionally moved its data out of that tree and into the path designated by %appdata%.

There is an advanced configuration parameter that controls this, called "system use appdata". If it's set to "true" then BitComet will look in %appdata% for its config files. If not, then it'll look in the Program tree.

When you install a new version of BitComet, you can/should install right over the old version. That preserves your config and task files. You say nothing about how you did the upgrade, but hopefully you did not erase the existing program directory.

If you did not. then your old files should still be there. Look in the program directory, nominally C:\Program Files\Bitcomet for a file named "downloads.xml" and copy it to a known safe location. (There's another file, "bitcomet.xml" that has all of your old preferences if you haven't already set them.)

Now Start -> Run -> %appdata% -> OK

A window will open up into your %appdata% directory. The top bar of the window should show you the complete pathname of this folder.

In it will be a BitComet folder. Copy the .xml file(s) into that folder. Start BitCOmet and your previous tasks should be back.

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