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Sorry if i forward this problem in a wrong forum page.

Normally when i wanted to download movies i click on movies... a window contains movies will surface. When i clicked on one movie this message under "MESSAGE FROM WEBOAGE" The mesage will be :STACK OVERFLOW AT LINE 28". when i click ok the whole page will disappear.

Any solution for that please.



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You can use your own web browser to find and download torrents. You are not limited to the (very old) MS Internet Explorer version included in BitComet.

It is, simply, a web browser. If the web site in question returns an error, MSIE can't do anything about that or work around it. Using your own browser will present you with an environment you are familiar with, and a set of contemporary error messages that may be easier for you to deal with.

Many of us disable the internal browser -- indeed, the entire VIEW window, and don't use it at all.

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