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peers using bitcomet DHEv2 downloading much faster

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I noticed when I was looking at my peers that some has a client type of Bitcomet DHEv2*. The people using this client were download much faster then everyone else (Like 2 to 3 times faster). The ones using DHEv2* did not all have the same version of Bitcomet but they were blowing everyone else away. I was wondering if anyone know what the DHEv2* was.

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Two guys, Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman, sat down in 1976 and figured out a method so two people who didn't know each other at all, could develop a secret encryption key for use with each other over an insecure channel. That scheme is Diffie-Hellman Exchange. DHE. (Diffie and Hellman are the Crick and Watson of cryptography.)

The purpose of the key is to encrypt a message with mathematical operations that are fast to compute, but very hard to reverse -- what is called "The Diffie-Hellman Problem" in cryptography.

If you really want to know, go here.

They published DHE in 1976. Turns out it was independently first invented by a Brit named Williamson who worked for GCHQ a few years earlier, but the scheme was then classified and not published.

Some refinements were added, so now we have version 2, to distinguish it from the original. Thus, DHEv2

BitComet can encrypt protocol headers via DHE or with DHEv2. Other clients could use DHEv2, but they suffer from "Not Invented Here" syndrome. (BitComet was the first to incorporate Protocol Header Encryption, but this was also Not Invented Here and disregarded in favor of whole message encryption.)

All of this is ancient history in internet terms.

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