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Upload B/With out of controll,

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OK, im on Win7 Ult, a cable modem with 35mbps down and 2mbps up. i use bitcomet 1.23 just upgraded thinking it might solve problem, didn't work. Problem is-- my uploads are usually about 500- 900kbs up With NOTHING RUNNING (no uploads or downloads)It progressively climbs from the time i start bit torrent, i gets up to about 1.5mbs with nothing running. I know there are settings to limit the up speed but thats not solving the problem. Say i limit it to 750 up and then start a file there is not any upload badwith left, its already being used by something. Also i dont really take to limiting bandwidth, i just want to make better use of it. I took a screen shot its below. It shows 551 down with 3 up, thats with no up or downloads running-- my task manager verifies it also.

Oh where, Oh where has my bandwidth gone. Oh where Oh where can it be? ♬ ♬


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That's the whole role of LT-Seeding, to make use of unused bandwidth (while BitComet is running). If you don't like it, then keep it disabled altogether but make sure you understand that this way you'll also lose the possibility to download from LT-Seeding peers for any task.

Or you could try to set a manual limit on LT-Seeding in Options page instead of leaving it on automatic, as an alternative.

And your Global Upload Rate should DEFINITIVELY be limited to about 80% of your tested upload capacity if you intend to be able to use the Internet connection for other purposes as well, while BitComet is running.

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