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[New] BitComet Beta [20101029] is here!


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Dear all,

The latest Beta version of BitComet has just been released, you're all welcomed to download it HERE.



GUI Improved: add "VIP Accelerate" for BitTorrent download, enable from the VIP icon in task list

GUI Improved: new global settings: move downloaded files to specified folder after task finished

GUI Improved: add task filter on the top of task list, filter tasks by states, tags and keywords

GUI Improved: move task tag list from the favorites bar at left to the task filter bar above task list

GUI Improved: add keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F to find task

GUI Improved: show batch download dialog when open multiple magnet links using Ctrl+U

GUI Improved: change the text of preview/open in task list to icon

GUI Improved: remove the upper limit of the peer number displayed in peer list of BitTorrent task and display all

GUI Improved: display a yellow warning icon for tasks that failed to move/rename files after download finished

GUI Improved: improve the "Search ED2K links" dialog launched from the file list of BitTorrent task

GUI Improved: add thumbnail picture for task bar button in Windows 7, to display downloading task information

GUI Improved: add frequent used operations to context menu of task bar button in Windows 7

GUI Improved: new global settings to specify main window action when program starts, minimized or closed

GUI Improved: new option for auto-shutdown, to action once or forever

GUI Improved: OpenDir, Properties and Delete buttons in toolbar available when switched to Torrent History list

Core Improve: support "VIP Accelerate" for BitTorrent download

Core Improve: keep original creator name of torrent file when save torrent as

Core Bugfix: connect to peers returned from DHT network using encryption protocol by force (thanks to Ori)

Core Bugfix: VideoSnapshot.exe can not exit normally when processing abnormal video files

Please feel free to leave your comments and feedback here.

Thank you for your support.

The BitComet Team

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