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what VPN?

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IF you will simply stay away from new releases -- the latest "hot" movie or album, you'll largely avoid the problem. The question is specifically what you're trying to do?

Paid services like iPredator will work, but you do have to know enough about networking that you'll feel a little silly doing this. It's not that difficult to set up, but neither is forwarding a port in a router, yet plenty of people seem to find that so technical it's near-impossible for them.

It's not difficult, but if you leave the VPN service in place then all of your traffic goes through that service. Maybe that won't affect you, more likely it will eventually. People paranoid enough to worry about this in the first place are generally unhappy about having all of their email, web surfing and other traffic going through that VPN gateway with minimal assurance of privacy. Windows generally can't be set up to send just your bittorrent traffic through the VPN and all of the other traffic through your regular network connection. You'll have to have one active, or the other.

You can switch back and forth (in terms of time), but this gets back to the knowing enough networking that I was talking about. It's also another pain to say "now is torrent time, so don't check email or do anything else", or "now I'm connected normally, so don't bittorrent". You have to remember which you're connected to. If you mess up, les flics will detect you, and also you'll get cooties.

Unpaid services like that silly thing Demonoid advertises WILL slow you down, majorly. There are so many falsehoods and misleading statements on their web site that I wouldn't even consider this.

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Many thanks kluelos for your words of wisdom.

I shall follow your advice about new releases.

I don't know much about networks, but am going to try iPredator.

I'll probably look silly but I might learn some thing.

(I might be paranoid but that doen't mean they are not out to get me) dfd 2010.

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