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Daily/Weekly download limits

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I've searched the forums, and accepted/rejected list, and I don't believe this has been posted before, but apologies if it has.

I have a usage limit on my Internet connection, and extensive torrenting can cause me to exceed that. Currently, I have to keep an eye on my torrents, and get an idea of how much data they are transferring. I would like to be able to set a daily, weekly, or even monthly limit on total quantity of data downloaded/uploaded (A task specific setting would be helpful, too - and maybe even an 'ignore limit' setting for specific tasks).

e.g. If I have huge (say 20 GB) download, I'd like to be able to set a limit of say 1 GB down and 1 GB up a day. If I download 1 GB in 6 hours it stops until the next day, but the upload would continue until it reached it's separate 1 GB limit, and again resume the next day.

As far as the 'monthly' limit goes, I'd like that to be on a rolling basis - i.e. if I set a limit of 5 GB a month, and i use 1 GB on Jan 10th, and another 4 GB on Jan 11th, then BC stops downloads, until Feb 11th, when it allows 1 GB , and then another 4 GB on Feb 12th.

Any thoughts?


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The subject has come up before.

There is third-party software designed for just this purpose, and that's what you should use.

Anything that operated on an application basis would quickly prove to be too limited to adapt to various situations, whereas anything that wasn't, would take the developers very far off-mission. They are not working on a network-control application here, this is a bittorrent client.

A previous foray into chat illustrated the error of getting off-mission. BitComet chat would never be nearly as good as existing chat clients without devoting equal resources to it. So let them do chat while BC does bittorrent. (I understand that µtorrent is currently contemplating making this mistake themselves. Those who don't learn from history ...)

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I appreciate that, however what I'm looking for is not a network control client.

As I say, it's just a few large torrents I'm looking to apply this too. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe any 3rd party app would be able to shut off a few individual torrents, while leaving the rest of my Internet unaffected.

Perhaps some of the more in-depth stuff I suggested was more off project than you're willing to go, and I appreciate that. Wouldn't you even consider putting something at a simple level (e.g. the limiting of an individual torrent to a maximum per day)?

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It's not me, I'm not a BitComet developer. We support staff are all unpaid volunteers from the community.

Network control would not stop the individual torrent, it would stop the application from accessing the network anymore under a given set of conditions. It would basically not allow BitComet further network access after it had used, say, 10 GB of traffic today (or whatever conditions you set). Under the circumstances you describe, that's what you'd want.

If you're at your allowed daily bandwidth limit, it won't matter exactly which torrent a client is downloading, anything further at all would all be over limit. That would serve for most such purposes. The ones it wouldn't do for, would be a pretty small niche that doesn't affect very many people at all, so it would have a very low priority indeed.

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