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Computer freezing/crashing


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Hello everyone. When I'm finished downloading something, my computer freezes. I've used BitComet for years, and this is the first big problem I've had with it. Here are my settings:

BitComet Version: 1.23

Internet: ADSL

Modem: VDSL2 P874 (The telecom company provided the modem for me. Can't see a make anywhere on it)

Windows XP Home

Avast internet security/firewall

Speedtest results: 9.95 Mbps Download

2.86 Mbps Upload

If you know what might be causing the problem, please reply to this. Thanks!

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The first thing you should try is to step back, to reinstall the last stable version that was working for you, and see if the problem disappears or not.

If it does, then the developers need to know that.

If it does not then the issue is probably something that BC is exposing and is also a victim of, rather than the cause of.

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Thanks for your reply. I was able to check out my running processes this time, and there was something called "videosnapshot.exe" that was using 99 percent of my CPU. It just showed up immediately after I finished downloading something and it crashed my PC. I'm pretty sure this is a bitcomet file, but I'm not sure why. I will reinstall an older version and see if that gets rid of it. Thanks again.

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Well, I'm glad we solved your problem for now, and you're welcome, but I do hate solving problems by disabling functionality.

How very Microsoft, no? "Doc, it hurts when I do that"...

I have never been terribly clear on exactly what a video snapshot IS, or is supposed to be, so I have always turned this off, but it does look like there are definite issues with videosnapshot.exe that need to be explored and resolved in the future. So this is "resolved but not closed", or something like that.

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