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What is "Logging" option in Cometmarks?

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In the settings window for Cometmarks, there is a checkbox to enable or disable something called "Logging", there's also an option to "Show Logging". When I click "Show Logging" it opens a window and shows what I've changed or updates and stuff like that. Is there a benefit to having this "Logging" enabled or disabled? Why even have the option anyways? Can I use it somehow to restore my bookmarks from a certain point...from yesterday perhaps, or last week? Why isn't there anything covered about this in the FAQ's? Really what I'm asking is, "Is this a usless non-functional option?"


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A log shows you what changed, and when.

If you have a problem that began last Wednesday, you can ask "what changed last Wednesday?" of the log, and hopefully find out how to undo whatever caused the problem.

It's as useful as you want to make it. This is true of any log. If you don't like it or never look at it, you have those options, but that sure doesn't make it useless. Some people have never looked at their system logs. The techs who repair their systems for them always check those logs. At US$65 per hour.

SO the question for any software should always be, "why DOESN'T it keep a log?"

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