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Can anyone help. I am using in Windows 7 Home Premium and the video playbeck is rotated by 90 drgrees. Yes it is playing up the screen and no amout of clicking the `rotate' buttons will correct it. If I click a rotate by 90 degree button, it actually rotates by 180 degrees, so it is still playing at right angles. Any Ideas?

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Look at the Fileinfo under the File menu while the video is actually playing. You'll be able to see what filter MPCStar is sending the signal through. You can then google to find out how to change the settings for it. Each filter usually has its own configuration method, typically there's an actual configuration application that was installed with the filter.

You can just google "codec settings" to see some examples of how to access and adjust several popular codecs, though many of those are more concerned with encoding than playback.

If you get lost, take a look at the afterdawn.com site, which has several tutorials on the subject. Their forum is also a good place to ask questions about video and audio.

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