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Any download problems at bitcomet

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No technical problems at BitComet could interfere with your downloads.

This is peer-to-peer. Your download comes directly from other people just like you, with connections like yours and computers like yours. None of that traffic passes through any central location, which is a good thing -- it would overwhelm just about any connection.

What you download comes directly to you from Jik's computer. He's a bookkeeper in Taipei. It also comes from Sal''s computer, she's a student in Anchorage, Bass, a carpenter in upper New York State, Esme, a nurse in Provencal.

Luck is not normally an issue in computer networking, though occasionally the phase of the moon is.

When a problem suddenly crops up, the effective diagnostic question is, "what changed?".

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I'm pretty puzzled.

First, of course, there's the question of what a "download basket" is. I wasn't aware that any version of BitComet had any such thing.

The second is, what does whatever-it-is have to do with issues of speed relating to BitComet's servers? (That being what this topic IS about, you'll notice?)

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