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Enable Digital and Analog playback for sound from mpcstar


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i have a feature to suggest. is it possible to make an option under audio settings where we can enable multiple audio outputs?

i have a sub with built in amp connected to analog output and SPDIF to 5.1 then HDMI to monitor speakers.

it seems like i only can choose 1 output for all progs atm never able to select 3 at once.

seems possible because while you use SPDIF to play you can test speakers on other connections for sound. meaning they can work at same time.

so can we get an option with a popup or under options which reads like :

Audio Playback Device's

(x) Analog


(x) HDMI

so we can get sound from all 3 types of output?

seems like monitor speakers work perfect with voices and sharp sounds ;) like a tweeter.

normal 5.1 sounds like better off with mid sounds and surround.

sub with analog is fine :) just for the boom anyway :)

and each can be tuned specifically, if they can be played together it would be perfect :)

atm im running everything out of analog :(



wouldnt mind if its an unofficial patch or random coder ;x

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I'm fairly sure this wouldn't be an option at the application level -- that is, you'd have to set this up in the OS instead because it, not the app, selects the hardware device used. I am pretty sure you wouldn't be happy with the results, as the settings that are appropriate for one would likely not be appropriate for one or both of the others.

I think you'd need an external mixing box with DAC capability for the outputs you want (or external DAC's following) to do this well enough to be worth doing at all.

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i do not think that is true. when player selects default device for playback it asks the OS for a device to playback.

i am not here to mock anyone just what i think. maybe you can point me to the right direction :)

is it possible to create "Plug-in's" for MPCstar ? maybe an output plugin that goes like :

WaveOut Output v1 (1) "output SPDIF" ---

WaveOut Output v1 (2) "Output HDMI" --- >>>>>> Waveout Output Manager : Interface

Waveout Output v1 (3) "Output Analog" ---

Forcing Each Waveout to different outputs which can be enabled or disabled by output manager or a controller. yes this would run 3 seperate process i suppose ;x

where waveout will work like winamp waveout plug-in but Waveout manager will act as the hub or proxy to split the audio signal.

say an example:

MPCstar main process - video/audio

audio splitting : enable "audio gets split virtually or assigned to plugin's" / disabled "use default sound device"

Enable : HDMI, Analog, SPDIF "1 seperate process for each in sync"

reason i think this way is because you can open 3 instance of Winamp and play all from different output after configuring the plugin.

why not allowing 1 instance of program run on 3 output device instead? :)

btw is the chinese guy that wrote this program still around? i mean the mpcstar v1.0 guy? ;) dude love your software :) despite some bugs after the 2.0 version i faced. 4.9 is cool :) 谢了


actually i dont wanna spend too much on sound or etc anymore because ive got a kid to care for lol. id go for software mods instead. kids are too expensive ><

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That's actually not the case. It hasn't been for quite a while, and the technology has been heading in the other direction for a very long time.

You could accurately call this the essence or raison d'etre, of DirectX as a prime example.

The application does not play to a device. We just don't do things on that level anymore. The application hands off to a software interface, whether Windows Waveout, DirectX or what have you, on the level of the operating system.

Believe me, it didn't used to be that way, and in the days before Windows, games had to directly support a variety of sound cards, and you had to pick the correct one when you installed it. There was a lot of emphasis placed on sound cards being "SoundBlaster-compatible" precisely because of this. These days SoundBlaster is pretty much "who dat?", but they were the big shots back then. If THAT new game didn't support YOUR particular brand of sound card, too bad: no sound.

Abstracting all this to a common software interface was the primary driving force behind the creation of DirectX, so that with Windows developers didn't have to develop support for 'leventy different sound card architectures. You just output to, and they all took their input from, a common toolkit.

MPCStar currently doesn't even support asking, it simply takes the default OS-assigned interface. Something like VLC (which was always intended to be experimental) does let you select a different interface (at least in Advanced mode), but only on the OS level -- waveout as opposed to DirectX for example. But assigning diffferent outputs to those two is well beyond the proper, or even reasonably permissible scope of the application. VLC won't even let you assign the interfaces per-instance. The setting for one is the setting for all.

MPCStar is not a WinAmp analogue. For that you'll want to look at the separate CometPlayer included with the install.

The original developer? That, I/we don't know. I'm not certain who the original developer of TigerPlayer actually is, or what his precise relationship to MPCStar is. He didn't open-source the player but made it free to distribute and incorporate into other packages, so there may be no relationship beyond the informal. The MPCStar developers as such, or their successors are Chinese, but have never individually monitored this forum at all.

Is developing all this capability possible? I'm not prepared to speak for the developers, but given that TigerPlayer isn't open-source it isn't a simple issue. Is development of it likely? Well, no, probably not without considerably more people wanting it.

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understood and no what i ment was the dude that started this in chinese :) if i havent mistaken the whole site was in chinese and it was one of the easiest flawless player many years back. bunched the codecs etc up nicely :)

well that i guess ive to run a linux box then :( any other solutions for this matter under windows except VLC or virtual audio cable?

sry about the word "wrote" on the previous post. should be "bundled" instead ;) sorry for my weak english :)

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