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Bicomet Freezing on Logging in.


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Hoping for some help. I fired up an older version of bitcomet (believe 1.17) tonight and it started to log into the server and then froze/not responding. I tried 3 or 4 times to kill the process and had to reboot the system (odd). I tried again to load it and it would keep freezing at the same time when it was logging into server. So I hit your website and downloaded the newest version and installed it over. Still happened. Uninstalled the program and reinstalled it and still happening. Kinda at a loss as I have never had a hiccup with your software before.

Thanks for any forum or admin help...

Update: I killed my net service and fired up the program and had no issues with it freezing as it could not sign in to the login server. This worked for about 40 secs and then froze again (retried to sign in I believe) So I then changed my password to not allow me to sign in and cause the crash. This has worked an allowed me to continue to download but not with my cometid so I am not making points etc.

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You can easily configure the client not to try to sign in. Look under the Service option.

This sounds like an issue with your network, particularly if you have to reboot. If you can use an alternative network connection, you might try that and see what happens.

However nobody's ever demonstrated that there's any real speed advantage to having higher rank. If there is any difference it is very marginal. I understand that rank has more use in some of the web site games, but if you don't ever play any of them, there's really no reason to have your client logging in to CometID at all. I didn't for years. I do now, but have still never noticed any difference.

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Thanks for the reply. I did change my password to force it not to sign in. As for my network,I did find out there was some service going on with my provider that they did not inform anyone about. This morning I checked again and the login worked properly and my speeds came right back up. So I think it was a combination of issues all happening at the same time and Bitcomet may have served as the focus for it. Needless to say I am back to norm with the program and my speeds have increased which is a nice bonus.

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