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Trouble copying movies


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i have downloaded movies from comet and they play great on the computer. when i burn them on dvd burner some of them wont play or get half way through and cut out. i thought my burner was no good so i copied them to a usb stick but got same problem. does not happen to all movies. there are no error messages. i have windows xp. any suggestions.

Thanks Roanne :D

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Well, you've already have been given an answer in your other topic; this one.

There is no point in starting another identical topic on the same matter.

Granted, the answer was not a final solution to your problem, whatever that is, since you don't give any specific details about it. But starting a new topic won't give you different answers, if you don't provide detailed explanations about what you're doing or what is going wrong.

Video files come in lots of sizes, codec flavors and container types. No one here has any idea what type of video files you're trying to burn, on what type of discs, in what format or on what player you are trying to play them.

It's like sending a note to your physician and writing only: "I'm feeling ill. Give me a prescription for something, please."

A great good that is going to do to you. ;)

Anyway, if you want to further discuss the problem you have, you can use the other topic.

I'll lock this one, so that all the answers are in just one place.

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