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Unable to delete torrent from bitcomet

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If anyone could please tell me there's any fix for that.

I added this torrent (it had 2.000 plus files and was about 2gb in size)and it simply doesn't work.

The other torrent i was downloading is fine, but this one every time i try to start or delete BitComet stop answering and i have to shutdown the program.

I have already delete it the torrent files from my download folder but it made no difference, still every time i try to select it to delete it crashes BitComet.

My only solution is reinstalling the program?

Reinstalling it will erase all the progress i've made in the other, still functioning, torrent?


I tried searching the forums but to no avail!

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BitComet stores its settings and tasklist to .xml files located in your AppData folder, or in your installation folder depending on the version you have. BitComet also makes backups (.bak files) to those files regularly.

Shutdown BitComet. Go to the Start menu, then Run. Type %appdata% in the box and click OK. In that folder look for the BitComet folder. Delete the file Downloads.xml. Look for the files named Downloads.xml.yyyymmdd.bak Look at the date of each file and rename the one older than the task you're trying to delete, to Downloads.xml. If you find no .bak files, just delete the Downloads.xml and BitComet will create a new one. (you must have the file extension visibility enabled). Start BitComet.

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