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download stopped..my problem?


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hey ho..i´m download the "complete of ****". but what happend..since yesterday my download stopped..and now i didn´t know that´s my problem or that are no seeds online....anyone can give me a solution to contact seeds or anything else to continue my download?!! thx for help

i´m sorry if my english is not so good

now, i see anything else. when i opened my bitcomet client on the left side of my program its a list of all torrent site.when i click on any site its opened the site and comes an error:

Page not found

The URL (page) you requested could not be found.

It either never existed, has been removed, or you used a mistyped URL.

You will be automatically redirected to our home page in 5 seconds,

click here if you're not automatically redirected.

what happened?!?!?!

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What do you mean by "download stopped"? Be more specific. The task stopped? The speed dropped to 0KB/s?

You can view the number of detected peers/seeds in the tasklist (the Seeds/Peers column) also in the Trackers tab and in the Peers tab.

The links to index sites in the left Favorites panel, seem to be working fine at the moment. At times, the server isn't available for a while. When that happens you can just use the old fashioned way of opening the site directly from your favorite browser. The server usually comes back online in a matter of hours or so.

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If there are no peers, you have nobody to download from, therefore it stands to reason that your speed will be 0KB/s. This is the way it is with BitTorrent, since there is no central server from where you download data, but from other peers like yourself.

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