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Listening port question

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Ok, I have DSL internet and the maximum speed that I ever get is about 600kbps download and about 60 upload. I have a feeling that that is as fast as mine will go and I'm fine with that. However I still have the yellow/listening port closed indicator lit up. I have gone through all the port forwarding faqs and everything and it's still up there. What I'm asking is, if I get good speeds like 600kbps download does that mean that trying to figure out what's going on with the yellow indicator won't actually help my download speeds or would it? What I read in the faq on here about port forwarding is that if your speeds are like 10kbps that you have a problem. Could I be getting 600kbps and still have a problem? Would it go faster if I fixed this issue? Thanks.



Bitcomet 1.24

max speed for my ISP is 6mbps (6 megabits per second)I think that translates to 750Kbps which means i'm getting 600Kbps so I'm probably doing about the best I can already.

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Yep, it seems that you are working to your connection's limits, for now. If you're happy with the state of facts there is nothing to say that you need to change it.

However, this may be a conjunctural result of the fact that you maybe download tasks which have many seeders and thus you are able to get high download speeds without an open listen port. Do you still get acceptable speeds (as related to the number of peers/seeds) for older tasks with only a few peers (in the number of dozens)?

It's hard to measure how much faster you would be downloading, for a specific task, if your port was open as opposed to blocked. Torrent swarms being the highly dynamic environments they are and very different from each other, the download speed is one of the most unpredictable values.

Opening your listen port is just a very good common sense measure that ensures there won't be anything to stand in the way of getting the most of any task you're trying to download, in the shortest time possible.

Anyway, you should check your Peers tab and see if you get any "Remote" connections. If you do then it means that you actually HAVE an open port. In some rare cases it was known to be possible to have a yellow light and yet your port to be open.

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