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My ISP {COMCAST} is nailing me...Copywrite Infingement notices


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Any help or advice would be appreciated just became a "General"with this bit torrent client been downloading using the "COMET" for 5 years..But Im quitting.. I have no Idea how to get out of this unless I quit or start downloading movies that are 20years old..Any help or advice to hide my IP using Bitcomet would be appreciated...But I got a feeling thats something that doesnt work..Not sure how COMCAST does it but Im getting automated warnings everytime I download and they saying they going to shut off my internet service??? Help PLEASE?/ Thank you in advance..Furrion

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Your ISP is probably being notified by Anti-P2P organizations which monitor many torrents and send copyright infringement notices to the ISPs of the respective users who participate in those torrent swarms. My guess is that they only pass the ball to you, not really bother to track your activity themselves.

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