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TCP listen port blocked, UDP is open


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Howdy, Ny list first: BitComet 1.25 - Time Warner cable broadband - 1 modem Arris TM502G - 1 wireless router RCA / Thomson DCW725 - Windows 7 Professional - Comodo Firewall - System Mechanic Pro 10 anti-virus. I used the help you folks have here to turn on my routers UPnP function. That did get rid of the yellow light on the bottom of BitComet GUI. after a restart yesterday the yellow light is back. Also, the UDP & TCP listen port are the same port 26855. I have checked the router UPnP is still on. windows firewall & Comodo Have BitComet allowences. Windows also seems to be set right. I do have my up & down speeds set correctly. I am not sure what to look at now. Anyone have any thoughts on where to go?

Overall Tasks: Total:33 / Running: 22

TCP Connections: Established: 93 [MAX:Unlimited] / Half-Open: 73 [MAX:200]



Listen Port of TCP: 26855 (Blocked by Firewall/Router)

Listen Port of UDP: 26855 (Opened in Firewall/Router)

Windows Firewall: Added [TCP added, UDP added]

UPnP NAT port mapping: Added [Thomson (http://www.thomson.net/)]

Overall Download Rate: 32 kB/s [MAX:1171] Max Connection Limits: 50 per task

Overall Upload Rate: 101 kB/s [MAX:95] LT Seeding: 57 kB/s [MAX:47] All BT Upload Slots: 59

Free Phys Mem: 910.63 MB (Min to keep: 50 MB)

Disk Cache Size: 48.50 MB (Min: 6 MB, Max: 50 MB)

Disk Read Statistics: Request: 172630 (freq: 2.6/s), Actual Disk Read: 151028 (freq: 2.1/s), Hit Ratio: 12.5%

Disk Write Statistics: Request: 252144 (freq: 1.5/s), Actual Disk Write: 76575 (freq: 0.6/s), Hit Ratio: 69.6%

Total Downloaded: 385.94 GB

Total Uploaded: 89.59 GB

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Having two different firewalls going at the same time is the problem. Set your firewall(s) to exclude bitcomet from filtering. Or add an exception to the ports that bitcomet uses. Also check that your wi-fi router is set to game mode, or do a port-forward for bitcomet.

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Howdy, again. I did as suggested. Here's the result. I turned off windows firewall & rechecked listen port. No change. Turned off Comodo & rechecked again. No change. Closed & restarted BitCommet & all OK. Restarted fire walls, all still OK. Port forwarding is set to automatic. Thanks.

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