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Please help me, It seems to me that CB started to delete my newly downloaded list of items even without my consent. Yet it didn't completely removed all of the items in the items list, only the NEW items only.

So What can I do then for CB to stop deleting my list of newly downloaded items

without my consent then? Please help. :)

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sorry about that.

What I meant is it automatically deletes the Downloads History (which can be opened by Ctrl+J) on its own, without me doing it manually.

And I don't mean all of the items(ex. From last year till today).

But the "recently downloaded ones"

(for example: I downloaded yesterday an mp3 file then the next day it disappears from the download list, causing me search the location manually).

Also, I did not forget whether I cleared the "Recent History"(Ctrl+Shift+Del) since this (the deletion of items automatically from the list) has happened more than once.

So how can I revert to the previous setting that'll stop it from deleting automatically?

Again, what I'm saying is it automatically deletes the recently downloaded files from the Downloads History without me doing it.

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Try going into Options -> Privacy and, if it isn't already set this way, choose "Use Custom Settings for History" in place of "Remember History". You should then see many other options appear. Make sure that "Remember Downloads" is checked". If it already is, try unchecking and rechecking it.

It may be that your history file is damaged. With CB stopped, explore your %appdata% directory for CometBird, find your profile directory, and in it, delete a file named "downloads.sqllite". That will lose your existing download list. If you may want to try to recover it some day, then simply move it elsewhere.

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