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bitcomet status connecting.... for 6days

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hi there, im trying to download some stuff, its in my bitcomet file but the status has been connecting for 6 days now and hasnt downloaded anything.

does anyone know why it might be doing this?

ive downloaded like this before and it worked fine. also the firewall allows this programme.

thanks for any advice

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You should try writing this again. Seeing that it's your first post we won't send this to the "Incomplete and deleted posts" section.

There is a "Read This Before Posting" link on top of this page; read it and try providing all the info requested within.

Then focus on describing your issue better.

We have no idea what type of task you're trying to download: is it a HTTP/FTP one or a BitTorrent one?

its in my bitcomet file but the status has been connecting for 6 days

It beats me what you mean by "bitcomet file"; I can assume you refer to the task list, but that's only a guess. Try using the established terms to refer to the user interface of BitComet and if you don't know them, you can check the BitComet Wiki (User Interface) to see a description of the application's interface.

About which "status" are you talking? Namely, where do you see displayed this status?

Once, you've cleared ALL of the above for us, probably we'll be able to go further from there, in order to solve this.

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