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task order can't be changed


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In 1.25 the ability to change the download order of tasks (NOT components) has been lost.

Attempting to drag the tasks in the main window results in a red barred circle "prohibited" sign, and when the move up and move down buttons are added to the toolbar they are greyed out.

Strictly, it could have occurred in 1.23 and 1.24 as the last version I've used before 1.25 was 1.22, and it works there.

I've reverted to 1.22 as being able to change the task order is important to me.

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When presenting a bug report it is crucial that you give info about your setup, in order for the team to check and see if they can reproduce that bug on a similar (as close as possible) system with yours. Besides, bugs that may appear on Vista, for instance, don't necessarily manifest on Win XP or Win 7.

Lacking that info, your report will just be a simple complaint that no one will be able to address.

In your case, at least an accurate report of your OS version was mandatory.

V.1.25 works just fine as far as moving tasks is concerned on my Win XP SP3.

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