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Broadband2Go Issues?

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I know starting a new topic is not what I was suppose to be for the following, but please read and hint/help/suggest if you can to phrankenstien@lycos.com I am using Virgin Mobiles Broadband2go on my desk top. Works fine, downloads happen, but I see port blocked in lower right corner of main screen. I have stopped my firewall, avg free and advanced system care from blocking any actions while on line. So, why do I see blocked port, incoming all the time. I share and people to get downloads, peer thing, but I need help on this, My user staus is growing but I see im downloading more than sharing even tho Im continously online. Thanks.

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This forum, like most which perform support, does not do so via email or private messages. This is so that others can, in the future, benefit from the answers and advice given to people who may have encountered the same problem previously.

As a general rule, all wireless connections of whatever sort, but most especially those based on cellular phone systems (generically), are going to be behind a firewall which you don't control and can't configure.

The firewall's job is to block unsolicited incoming traffic, which is generally a good thing. But that means it also blocks P2P traffic. You can operate BitComet in "No Listen Port" mode, and it will work. However, it will be quite a bit slower that way. There's nothing you can do about this short of changing internet providers.

On the whole, most wireless providers strongly discourage P2P anyway, so they're not inclined to try to help you, and it may even violate your user agreement. Their systems weren't' designed for, and really can't cope with this sort or amount of traffic.

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Thanx and your right, did some testing with serveuftp program and no incoming at all. Guess Ill try irc uploads, rather find a way to upload than be concidered a leech. Don't get me wrong tho, love the downloads, may take longer but heck, nothing on TV anyway. :blink: Any suggestions on how I could share some other way?

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