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Safe Mode issue

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My PC crashed yesterday and when i turned it back on, i find that the Cometbird icon in the start menu says:

Cometbird (Safe Mode)

When i click it to open the browser it gives me a list of options with check boxes, i don't want to click them all as it seems im going to lose a lot of info that is being stored within the browser such as forms etc. So i just click the return home page to default option, which as it turns out doesn't return the default homepage that you first get when you install CB.

Anyway, how do i get Cometbird out of the Safe Mode? And will i lose any of my form/bookmarks/browsing data i have so far collected?

Please help,


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Just about all browsers have a "safe mode". The menu entry is normally placed there during installation, as an alternative to the standard Cometbird menu entry, in case safe mode is needed. It sounds like something obliterated the standard menu item entry your system. (IOW, the safe-mode item wasn't something that was suddenly added, it was there all along.)

You'll need to recreate the standard entry.

Look at the properties of the existing Cometbird (Safe mode) menu entry. You should, with a little study, be able to figure out how it invokes safe mode. All you need is to create an entry like that but without the parameters that invoke safe mode, that is, without the "-safe-mode" switch, to replace the one that was apparently deleted.

(Safe mode means that all of your add-ons, helper programs, and suchlike are disabled so that you can diagnose a problem. In this it's similar to Windows' own Safe Mode. You won't lose anything. That long list at startup lets you pick and choose what to make active and what not to, so you can try to find out what's causing a particular problem.)

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